Want your own photo done? I can help you!

Here are some examples of work I’ve done in the past. I love making these because they capture moments in time and cherished memories. Each one is naturally unique, and can’t be replicated. They also make great gifts to ones that you love!

The process is simple. You email me your photo and some basic instructions of how you’d like it. (Would you like the background included? Would you like it just to be the subject? And so on.) Then I will digitally paint it for you! Then, after payment, I will email the completed portrait to you! Easy right?

If you would like to get started, send an email with your photo to purpledaydreamdesigns@gmail.com

$15 for two people

+$5 per additional person (not counting one baby)

+$5 for added background

Product will be a digital download and will take 1-3 business days depending on my workload.